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CommercialSee our Commercial Photos to visualize that plants can make a difference in your environment.

Our human nature wants to connect with the outdoors. Interior landscaping is not only desirable but a must do “green initiative” to keep employees, clients, tenants and customers happy and healthy.

Professional Interior Plant Maintenance is Crucial: Unkempt plants can have a reverse effect on the positive aspects plants have on your interior environment. Plants may do wonders for your work environment as long as they are healthy.

The Bigger Picture of Your Bottom Line: Extensive studies have proven that plants are a necessity in office buildings if you want to breathe a little easier.

  • Sick Building Syndrome, which is caused by sealed buildings that have less exchange of fresh outdoor air for stale indoor air, can develop higher concentrations of toxic chemicals. The result is a notable increase in illness such as eye, lung, and upper respiratory problems, as well as allergies, colds, and viruses.
  • Data confirms that sealed office structures are often 10 times more polluted than the air outside.
  • Plant filled rooms contain 50-60 percent fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants.
  • The very products we need to keep our businesses running smoothly - copiers, printers and computers give off some form of toxins and pollutants. Products used to clean offices are often unsafe and give off toxins as well.
  • Everyone should have a plant on his or her desk, which is usually an area of six to eight cubic feet, otherwise known as your personal breathing zone.

Possible Ailment Reduction: Fatigue 20%, Headache 45%, Sore/Dry Throat 30%, Cough 40%, Dry Facial Skin 25%

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